Underwater Visions awarded Fisheye distribution for UK and Eire

Just in time for the new FIX S100 housing. Available now at approx £670.




FIX has announced the release of an aluminum housing for the Canon S100 compact camera. It features access to individual command dials for control of f-stop and shutter speed, as well as a half-press to focus shutter release. It has a fixed lens port, but is compatible with both 67 and 52mm wet lenses. Lastly, it has a flash blocker and optical cable mounting port to allow strobe connection with fiber optic cables.

The housing will be available in early January at a retail price of $879.95.


Press Release. 

Fisheye FIX Housing for Canon S100 Camera

FIX S100 is a tiny, precisely machined aluminum housing that fits the Canon S100 camera like a glove. This professional grade housing, combined with the very capable S100 camera, is the smallest advanced compact still system available.

Canon S100 is the latest edition of the very popular Canon S series, and is substantially improved in several areas. The lens has been extended on both the telephoto and wide angle ends, now covering a 35mm equivalent 24-120 range., with a fast f2 aperture at the wide end. An upgraded Digic 5 processor is six times faster than the previous version, and the sensor now boasts 12.1 mega pixels. 1080 24P movie recording is available, and a dedicated movie button allows easy access to this mode.

Canon S100 offers powerful imaging capability in a camera that fits in a shirt pocket or small hand bag. Functionality essential to underwater photographers like manual exposure control, manual white balance, a 24-120 equivalent wide angle zoom lens, Raw image capture, and 1920 x 1080 video



“One Handed” Control.

No hunting for buttons, no “press this, turn that” motions. All camera controls are available from the sculpted right grip. Individual control dials allow immediate access to f-stop and shutter speed. Sensitive Shutter Release Lever

The most critical control on compact housings is shutter release, allowing precise feel of half press to focus, and full press for shutter release.



Locking Rotary Latch.

The housing back is sealed with an easy to operate rotary latch that securely locks in place. A safety release button must be pressed in order to begin rotating the clasp, eliminating the chance of accidental opening.



Threaded Lens Mounts.

Both 67mm and 52mm threaded lens mounts are included with FIX S100 as standard equipment. These allow a wide variety of wet mate wide angle and macro lenses to be attached

Field testers have reported no vignetting with Inon UWL-H100 28 M67, Inon UWL-H100 28 LD, and Nauticam #38013 Wet Mate Dome Port. Fix UWL-30M52 has a bit of vignetting at full wide angle, but that is eliminated with one tap of the zoom lever, and this lens has the widest field of view of the options we tested.



Optical Cable Mount.

A combo flash blocker & optical cable mounting point is also included at no charge, allowing popular strobes from Sea & Sea and Inon to be connected via fiber optic cable.



Cold Shoe Accessory Mount.

A shoe mount base provides an attachment point for a number of popular focus lights, and can even serve as a strobe mount when setting up the most compact system possible.



Zinc Anodes.

Sacrificial Zinc Anodes eliminate any dissimilar metal corrosion, increasing longevity and aesthetic appeal.

Flash Diffuser.

Internal flash photography without harsh shadowing from the lens port is possible when used with the included plastic flash diffuser.

Available January 2, 2012.


Color: Matte Black.
Materials: Corrosion Resistant Aluminum Alloy, POM, Stainless Steel.
Weight (Air): 620g.
Weight (Water): 170g.
Depth Rating: 70m / 230 ft.
Included Accessories: 67mm Lens Ring, 52mm Lens Ring, Optical Cable Adapter, Flash Diffuser, Spare Housing O-Ring, O-Ring Grease, O-Ring Remover.

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