Nauticam Light Mounting System


Nauticam has announced the release of an arm and clamp system to complement their housing range. It currently comprises a pair of housing trays for use with compact housings, or housings supplied without handles/strobe attachment points, double and single 1″ (25mm) ball arms in various lengths and a number of different clamps.

The clamps include a version that allows for the attachment of a lanyard, and a version that has provision for mounting a focus light. The new products are available now.


Press Release. 

Nauticam light mounting system

Nauticam are very pleased to announce the release of a comprehensive light mounting system offering underwater photographers more of the stylish designs and thoughtful ergonomic solutions characteristic of the Nauticam range.

First up are the modular camera trays, the Flexitray and the Easitray. Both come with a single, rubberized left handgrip as standard with the option of an adjustable right handgrip and/or a 20mm or 30mm extension for use with thick gloves or larger housings. Compatible with most compact/compact system camera housings and even the Sea and Sea RDX series, both trays can come supplied with two Ikelite screws, imperial ¼” tripod screws or metric M6 screws. Handgrips can be fitted with optional 1” balls mounts or T-plate adapters allowing maximum flexibility for connecting arms. The difference between these two tray systems is that whereas the Easitray is fixed and non-adjustable, the Flexitray as standard is adjustable for both width and for handgrip positioning. Weighing in at around the 200g mark, these lightweight yet robust marine-grade anodized aluminum trays make the perfect companion to your camera housing.


The Nauticam Easitray. 


The Nauticam Flexitray. 


The NA-LX5 for Panasonic LX5 with Nauticam Flexitray and Arm System. 

Alongside the trays, we are pleased to release a complete hard-anodized aluminum super-lightweight arm system. Double ball arms are available in lengths of 75mm,100mm, 125mm, 200mm, 300mm and 400mm and feature characteristic blue, hardwearing rubber o-rings.


Nauticam Double Ball Arms. 

Also available in the arm range is a full set of single ball arms with YS light mounting stem featuring an o-ring at the strobe attachment, as well as on the ball, for smoother, more precise control of strobe and light positioning.


Nauticam Single Ball Arms. 

Continuing the trend of innovative solutions for underwater photographers, Nauticam is pleased to release a range of clamp sets. Nauticam clamps are precisely milled from solid aluminum, then hard anodized making them impervious to salt corrosion. Precisely radiused jaws provide the maximum clamping force possible with 1” balls and extensive engineering has produced very fine adjustment of clamp tension. This smoother, more precise adjustment of clamping pressure is especially important and beneficial as clamping forces are increased. Only a minimum amount of hand strength is required to release the clamp when “locked down”, due in part to a handle that is larger than competing models with outstanding leverage. All these benefits have been engineered in without any weight penalty. Two clamps are available, the standard clamp (80.8g) and the multi-purpose clamp (104g).


Nauticam Standard Clamp. 


Nauticam Multipurpose Clamp. 

The multipurpose clamp is another innovative solution designed to optimize the experience of the underwater photographer. The clamp comes with a shackle as standard. This can be used together with the lanyard system to assist in carrying your housing to and from dive sites and to provide a foolproof lifting point when passing your housing up to the boat.


Carrying Lanyard with Nauticam Multipurpose Clamps. 

With the shackle removed, this cleverly engineered clamp will also allow the attachment of a 1” ball mount or a YS light mount stem.


Nauticam Multipurpose Clamp with 1 Inch Ball Mount. 


Nauticam Multipurpose Clamp with YS Light Mount Stem. 

The applications for this innovation are numerous and would equally suit photographers whose housings offer more limited mount points.


Nauticam Multipurpose Clamps in Action. 

The Nauticam light mounting system is set to expand into the future with many more innovative solutions. Until then, the remaining items currently available in the range include 1” ball and YS mounts for cold shoe, 1” ball and YS mounts for fastening on arms, adapters for mounting INON, Ikelite and Sea and Sea strobes, and arm mounted wet lens holders (both 67mm and LD mount).

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